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Animal Licenses

Alterations to Public Land
Alterations to Public Land permits are required when surface work is being done on City property, such as driveway installation or alterations, or building a new access to a commercial property.  There is a cost to this permit, and a deposit may be taken and held until work has been inspected.

Have a Banner hung on a bridge
Banners may be hung on the bridge over Highway 15 for community groups and organizations for program registration and community special events.

Building Permits

A Business License

Developing Permits

Excavation Permit
Excavation Permits are required for any underground utility work (Water / Sewer / Gas / Power, etc) within the City.  There is a cost to this permit, and a deposit may be taken and held until work has been inspected.

A Job

Light Turning Requests
Road users can request to have light standards on Highways 15 and 21 turned for the purpose of transporting high-loads.  Charges, per intersection involved, will apply.  

Special Use Permit
Special Use of Public Property permits are required when an applicant is accessing City property for a non-standard purpose. Some examples are: landscaping vehicles driving on trails to access a backyard, placing temporary seating in a park, bottle drive held in a City parking lot, vehicles parked on sidewalk to facilitate a construction project.  There is no cost for this permit. 

Larger public events such as block parties, parades or fun-runs, require a Special Event permit can be found here.  

Traffic Disruption Permits
Traffic Disruption permits are required when the applicant will be temporarily obstructing any portion of a City roadway. There is no cost for this permit, however applicants will require liability insurance that names the City as an additional insured and may require submitting a traffic accommodation strategy.