Sheep Grazing Program

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Our Best-Loved City Sheep

It started out as turf control, but ended up as a major tourism attraction. If ewe haven't already heard, the City of Fort Saskatchewan uses a flock of sheep (Finnsheep to be exact) to keep the grass trim in City parks. This eco-friendly way of looking after lawns has garnered regional, national, and international acclaim since its beginning in 1992.

The sheep are an irresistible delight to Fort Saskatchewan residents and visitors alike. It's quite the sight to see a shepherd in the city, herding the flock of about 50 warm, friendly, and fuzzy sheep between Fort Saskatchewan's parks. Border collies work to help keep the flock together.

You're welcome to come up close and meet the living lawnmowers. The quiet sheep love attention and you can expect the whole flock to surround you! The friendly sheep symbolize the perfect mascot for Fort Saskatchewan - a community known for its friendliness, warmth and hospitality.

Join the Flock!

1 pm - 8 pm
Thurs - Sun and statutory holidays
June 4, 2016 to September 5, 2016


Legacy Park (100 Avenue and 99 Street)
Peter T. Ream Historic Park (100 Avenue and 100 Street)
Museum (10006 - 100 Avenue)
Rotary Amphitheatre in the River Valley

Sheep Hotline 780-992-6261