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Waste program keeps its focus on education

Post Date:July 26, 2018 8:44 am

Outreach and auditing lead to success with the new waste program

In response to the Fort Saskatchewan Record news story, the City would like to clarify that several events have to occur before a fine is issued.

“The focus is on educating residents about the waste program, not issuing fines. We’re here to help,” said Sadie Miller, waste programs supervisor. “An official warning, or fine is the last step of a long process, and only used in extreme cases.”

Before a fine is issued under the Waste Bylaw the City takes the following steps:

  • Place educational notes on contaminated green carts as a friendly reminder about what’s compostable and what’s not compostable.
  • Issue warnings for green carts that are contaminated. Any green cart that is repeatedly contaminated each week may be refused collection until the contaminates are removed.
  • Contact Municipal Enforcement to issue an official warning or fine if a household continues to place heavily contaminated green carts out for collection each week.

“Heavily contaminated green carts cause problems at the composting facility and can significantly increase our disposal costs,” stated Miller “By taking time to write informative, educational messages to our residents, we are ensuring our disposal costs do not increase and that a positive relationship with the City’s composting facility continues”.

If you have questions please call the Waste Hotline 780-992-6218 or report on