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M.E. and You – Weekly Municipal Enforcement Messages

Post Date:October 09, 2018 9:50 am

Excessive Debris

Have you ever had to swerve your vehicle to avoid debris on roads or had to walk around debris on sidewalks? Usually we think that avoiding road debris occurs on higways outside of cities, but materials such as leaves and branches are blown or left on City roads. Items such as these create a hazardous situation for drivers, cyclists and City workers by obstructing roads and sidewalks with excessive debris. Excessive debris also makes our neighborhoods look untidy.

Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Enforcement Services would like to remind all residents that the Traffic Bylaw prohibits anyone from placing, causing or permiting to be placed debris upon any sidewalk or roadway within the City.

Please remember to place all compostible materials such as leaves and branches into your green bin and let’s help keep our neighborhoods clean and keep all road users and City workers safe.

Fort Saskatchewan is a Vision Zero community and asks, “What are you doing to make our roads safer?” For more information on Vision Zero please visit the City of Fort Saskatchewan website at