August 29, 2019 Updates

Posted On Thursday August 29, 2019

Bulk Water Station Upgrades

  • Construction Budget approved
  • Final design is underway

Gymnastics Centre

  • Plumbing and Electrical and HVAC work is underway
  • Work on the roof is underway
  • Exterior cladding is underway
  • Interior framing and drywall are complete
  • Interior painting is underway
  • Front canopy and entrance is framed in

Highway 15 Bridge Twinning

Neighbourhood Rehabilitation - 2019 Program

  • River Road is closed between 101 Ave and 104 Street
  • Contractor is working on 101 Street north of 101 Avenue
  • Work is continuing on Sanitary Sewer

River Road Realignment

  • Design is complete
  • Land acquisition is ongoing
  • Construction is scheduled for Fall 2019

Road Rehabilitation

Skateboard Park

  • Park is complete and open
  • Official Grand Opening is scheduled for September 14th

Southpointe Blvd

  • 94th Street from Sienna Gate to Sienna Blvd is now closed
  • Underground work is complete on Southpointe Boulevard. Surface work has started
  • Curbs are complete on Southpointe Boulevard to 94 Street
  • Concrete in the 94 Street Round-a-bout will be starting next week

Sump Pump Retrofit Program

  • First phase for 2019 is complete
  • Second phase to begin in mid-September

Wardens House and Garage Shingle Replacement

  • RFP is closed and awarded
  • Work has started and is expected to take two weeks