Production Exchange Centre Closure

Posted On Monday February 10, 2020

Product Exchange Centre Closure

Residents are encouraged to donate safe, reusable items to local charities

The City is sad to announce the closure of the Product Exchange Centre on March 3. The Centre began as a way to give reusable items a second chance. Unfortunately, waste materials, damaged and unsafe products were frequently being dropped off.

“Unfortunately, we have experienced an increase in the drop-off of garbage items and/or items that pose a safety risk to others, such as broken toys, faulty appliances, and unhygienic textiles said, Sadie Miller, Waste Programs Supervisor “At this time, we don’t have the necessary resources to properly monitor this reuse center and as a result have decided to close it.”

Items will be accepted until 5 p.m. February 23, and can be picked up until 5p.m. March 1, after which the center will close permanently

“There are a number of ways to share and trade that didn’t exist 15 years ago – social media trading sites have become popular ” said, Miller “Also, there are some great grassroots initiatives, such as the book stations around town, where people can leave books from novels to comics or stories for the grandkids.”

Residents with items that can be safety reused are encouraged to donate them to local charities accepting second-hand products.

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Sadie Miller, Waste Programs Supervisor