October's Good Neighbours

Posted On Tuesday October 22, 2019

Kath | Pineview

I wanted to nominate Kath because, on top of her full time job, she has taken it upon herself to help organize support for the owners and tenants affected by the Riverview Estates evacuation. This was an amazing example of community collaboration and neighbours coming together to assist those in need. In addition to being the President of the Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank, Kath has been reaching out and working with owners, tenants, the condominium management company, and other community organizations to organize and facilitate various support services for those impacted. Kath has done an amazing job supporting our community and she is a great neighbour!

Bill | Pineview

Over the past four years Bill has done so much for us! He has gone above and beyond by helping us with home repairs and yard work, moving our kids into their new homes and even picking up coffee from Tim’s for me. Billy always has a cheerful demeanour and is so supportive. He clears snow and ice away to keep the driveway safe which, I’m sure, has allow my husband and I to stay in our home. It’s almost impossible to list everything he has done and sometimes it’s just as simple as listening and encouraging. Bill has been so wonderful checking in on us to make sure we are doing ok and along with his wife, Lucia, has stopped by with homemade meals. It means so much to us that they have cared so much for our family.

Krystal | Pineview

Krystal goes out of her way to meet and greet all of her neighbours. She strives to build relationships and fosters community spirit through her work at both the church and with her children. Krystal works hard to welcome everyone, make sure everyone feels included and nourishes friendships through good deeds and faith.

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