Green Cart Contamination Costs Everyone

Posted On Tuesday March 12, 2019

Did you know putting non-organic material into your Green Cart is harmful to the environment and your wallet?

Sending garbage and plastic items to the composting facility negatively impacts operations and budget.

  • Contaminated trucks coming from Fort Saskatchewan get fined or rejected at the composting facility. If a load of organics gets rejected, the truck may have to dispose of the material at the landfill which is more expensive than composting. Unexpected cost increases can impact waste utility rates in future years.
  • Contamination lowers the quality of the final product. A truck full of plastic and garbage items is expensive to process at the compost facility and can drastically lower the quality of the compost. Would you put plastics, metals and garbage into your backyard garden? Probably not. Please sort your waste following the Waste Program Sorting Guide.

It can cause collection delays

When our collection trucks are rejected at the composting facility, they are re-routed to the landfill. This can delay collection for residents into the evening because the truck has to make two trips before it can return and continue collection in Fort Saskatchewan.

Contaminated Green Carts will not be collected

Please ensure your Green Organics Cart contains only natural, fully compostable materials. Food scraps, soiled paper/cardboard products, yard waste, garden trimmings, meat, bones and dairy are some examples of items permitted in your Green Cart.

Want to know what goes where? Download the Fort Sask Waste app, visit, or call our Waste Hotline at 780-992-6218.