Good neighbour + fast response = prevented tragedy

Posted On Tuesday September 03, 2019

Last Sunday, September 1 at 3:45pm, a neighbour overheard a fire alarm system from an adjacent property. The neighbour immediately called 911. A fire engine was dispatched and were on scene within only a few short minutes to the Southpointe neighbourhood.

When fire crews arrived, they reported that there was no sign of concern from the outside of the home but after further investigation through the house’s windows they could see that home was filling with smoke. Quickly firefighters forced entry into the home where they did find a working fire in the living room. In the same room, they also discovered one patient who was unaware of the fire and suffering from a mental health problem.

“Without a good neighbour and a fast responding fire engine, it was clear that this incident would have been much worse,” says Fire Chief Shawn McKerry. “Thankfully the fire damage was limited and that the patient was safely removed without injury.”

Fire crews quickly extinguished the fire and with the help from the RCMP, were able to get the patient out of the home and transported away for proper care.