New Domestic Violence Unit at RCMP Detachment

Posted On Thursday April 08, 2021

The Domestic Violence Coordinator will provide guidance and oversight on all files

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP are excited to announce the implementation of a Domestic Violence Unit at the Detachment.

“Domestic violence is something no one should have to experience, but unfortunately that’s not the reality.” Said Gale Katchur, Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan, “Having a domestic violence unit as part of the protective services we offer to our residents will ensure safe access to resources and support when they need them most.”

Cpl. Jennifer BROWN is the officer selected to occupy this position. She is an experienced member with 18 years of service, and brings with her extensive training in domestic violence investigations. As the Domestic Violence Coordinator, she will have oversight on virtually all domestic files. She will ensure investigations and procedures are consistent throughout the Detachment; that policy is properly adhered to; and that the level of service is of the highest quality.

Cpl. Jennifer Brown
Cpl. Jennifer Brown

The Officer in Charge of the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP, Insp. Mike MCCAULEY said “Domestic violence is a community issue that needs to be tackled pro-actively in addition to reactively. Having a full time coordinator position in Fort Saskatchewan will contribute greatly to harm reduction and allow us to broaden our holistic approach to helping survivors. Cpl. Brown was selected because of her combination of compassion, experience and investigative acumen.”

One of the most important aspects of this position is Domestic Violence Survivor Management. When someone experiences domestic violence, it can be a very difficult and traumatic process to navigate, so having a member dedicated to these types of investigations helps build the needed rapport and trust with the police, while at the same time ensuring all the supports available are in place. When people are supported, they are more likely to remain focused on an end goal, and follow through, in these cases, with the court process. With the extensive file and history knowledge that Cpl. BROWN will have, she will also be an available and valuable resource for the Crown.