New Exchange Zone at RCMP and Protective Services Building

Posted On Wednesday April 21, 2021

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP along with Protective Services are excited to let the community know about a new exchange zone that has been set up in front of the detachment, located at 200 Town Crest Road. The exchange zone will consist of two parking stalls located towards the south end of the Protective Services Building. The purpose is to allow the public the ability to meet others when they need to exchange something.

“We encourage anyone making online purchases, or selling items online, to arrange their meetings with the other party here at the detachment. If someone isn’t willing to meet you at the detachment, I would consider that a red flag, and would be cautious from there on out” said Insp. Mike McCauley, the Officer in charge of the Fort Saskatchewan RCMP.

Another really great use for the exchange zone that the police are encouraging its use for is child custody exchanges. Cpl. Jennifer Brown, the detachments new Domestic Violence Coordinator said “we actually see a lot of people currently use the front parking lot to exchange kids back and forth. Some custody orders even have those conditions right in them, so having a designated “Exchange Zone” really makes sense to us”.

It must be noted, that the parking spots are not monitored regularly by the police or staff, however during business hours, one can simply walk into the building if they need assistance. After hours, people should still call 911 or use the direct line at the front door of the building.

The Fort Saskatchewan RCMP and Protective Services feel this is just another step forward in proactively reducing crime within our community, and are encouraging everyone to start making use of them.

Exchange Zone sign