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G. Katchur

Mayor Gale Katchur

Mayor Katchur was born in Fort St. John, BC, and is the youngest daughter of George and Evelyn Lewchuk. Growing up on a farm just outside Spirit River, Alberta, she and her sister Wanda knew what it was to work hard and the need to pull together as a family to keep the household operating. Unlike the town kids, life on the farm meant no running water or forced air furnaces. It meant hauling wood and coal, planting large gardens, and helping out with daily chores. Love of the outdoors, playing sports, and devotion to family and friends were the main focus of her upbringing. 

After completing her schooling, Gale moved to Edmonton where she worked for Alberta Agriculture and the Federal Dairy Division. It was in Edmonton where she met her future husband Wayne when he called the wrong phone number. They were married two years later in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Gale made the move to private industry and worked for Baker International until the birth of their second child. The Katchur’s have one son, Ryan, and one daughter, Erin.

It was at this time Gale chose to stay home to raise her family. During the years she stayed at home, she ran a successful day home operation.  When her children were old enough to attend school full time, she re-entered the workforce and became employed as a Civil Servant working for the City of Fort Saskatchewan. Gale spent 17 years working for Planning & Public Works as an Administrative Coordinator gaining an in depth knowledge about Municipal Government. Gale is also a proud grandmother of two little grandsons, Logan and Rune, and two grand-daughters, Arianna and Kaia. She enjoys spending many hours with her family, as they are her first priority in life. 

Gale believes it’s not the material things we get in life, but the hearts we touch that will determine our success. Making a difference in the lives of others is what life is all about, and in the end, the significance of our life will be determined by the choices we make. Gale chose to announce her candidacy for City Council in September 2007 and began a 4 week campaign that quickly gained momentum. On October 15, 2007 she was declared elected for City Council. Gale started a new adventure in her life, “Serving the Residents and Businesses of Fort Saskatchewan as a City Councillor” from 2007 – 2010. In September 2010, with the support of a Grass Roots Voice of the People Committee, Gale made the decision to run for Mayor and as of October 18, 2010, Gale was elected the new Mayor of Fort Saskatchewan.  Gale was re-elected as Mayor in 2013 and again in 2017.

Gale is an active member on the City's various municipal boards and is currently Council representative on the following regional boards:

  • Alberta’s Industrial Heartland Association
  • Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board 
  • Global Edmonton Board
  • Intermunicipal Relations Committee – City of Fort Sask./Strathcona County

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Contact information for Mayor Katchur:

Phone: 780-992-6232 or  780-913-9958

Fax: 780-998-4774
Twitter: @GaleKatchur