Tax & Assessment Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Does Alberta have a tax deferral program for seniors?

  • How are taxes calculated?

  • How can I pay my taxes?

  • How do I check my assessment?

  • How often are properties assessed?

  • If I paid $400,000 for my property, will that be the assessment?

  • Is the assessment the actual current market value of the property?

  • What change can I expect to see in my taxes?

  • What do I do if I disagree with my assessment?

  • What is an assessment?

  • What is the Heartland Housing Foundation?

  • What is the relationship between my assessment and my property?

  • What other sources of revenue does the City have besides taxes?

  • When are Assessment/Tax Notices mailed?

  • When are taxes due?

  • Where do my municipal taxes come from?

  • Where do my municipal taxes go?

  • Who is the assessor?

  • Why is the Property Tax Bylaw being approved now?