Paying Your Property Taxes

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Property taxes are due on or before June 30


The City of Fort Saskatchewan offers a number of convenient options for you to pay your Property taxes.


Paying Electronically 

Fort Electronic Payment Plan (FEPP)
Learn more about FEPP


Paying Through Your Financial Institution

Available at most chartered banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions.

Telephone Banking
Use your seven digit account number; allow five days for processing to avoid late charges.

In Person
Allow 7 days to process payment.


Paying Through City Hall

City Hall Drop Box
Use the drop box located at the top of the exterior front stairs in City Hall.

In Person
Bring the remittance portion of your tax notice to one of the following City facilities:

City facilities accept cash, cheque or debit card (please check with your financial institution to ensure your single transaction limit is sufficient for debit card). 

Credit cards or credit card cheques are not accepted for tax payments.

By Mail
Mail your cheque, payable to City of Fort Saskatchewan, and enclose the remittance portion of your utility bill to:

City of Fort Saskatchewan
10005 102 Street
Fort Saskatchewan AB
T8L 2C5


Late Payments

With the exception of taxes paid under the Monthly Payment Program (FEPP), any payments received or postmarked later than midnight on June 30 are subject to the following late payment penalties and shall be added to, and form part of the remaining balance.


Late Payment Penalties

Unpaid Supplementary Taxes

Unpaid Tax Arrears







 July 1


December 1


 January 1


 August 1


 February 1


 September 1


(Unpaid after December 31st in any year)



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