Property Taxation Process

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Each year, the City of Fort Saskatchewan Administration and City Council determine the cost and the municipal budget needed to provide services such as fire, police, and ambulance service; snow removal; community and social services; road construction and maintenance; bylaw enforcement; park maintenance; library resources, and other services to residents and businesses for the coming year.

The majority of the revenue required is collected by way of property taxation under authority of the Municipal Government Act (statute of Alberta). Other areas of revenue collection would be government grants and user fees.

Bylaw #C15-18 2018 Property Tax and Supplementary Property Tax


School Taxes

The municipality is also required to collect school taxes on behalf of the Province and the Public and Separate School Boards. School taxes are not subject to control or review by the City of Fort Saskatchewan.


Heartland Housing Foundation

Alberta Housing Act provides a management body with authority to requisition funds.  The City acts solely as the authority to collect the Heartland Housing Foundation requisition and does not have authority to change or refuse the amount requested. 

Heartland Housing Foundation operates three seniors lodge facilities within Sherwood Park and Fort Saskatchewan, manages one seniors' apartment complex and one affordable family housing complex, and administrates five rent-geared-to-income, self-contained seniors' apartment facilities within Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan on behalf of the Province of Alberta.

Property owners are notified of their share of municipal and school taxes owing for the calendar year January to December, through the Assessment and Property Tax Notices and are mailed in May with payment due end of June.


Your Tax Notice

If you do not receive a tax notice, please contact the Taxation or call 780-992-6228.

These notices include information on the location or legal description of the property, the assessed value, the taxes owing, the due date, information on how to appeal an assessment, and the penalty(ies) for non-payment of these taxes.

Property taxes are calculated using the property assessment completed by Tanmar Consulting Inc. who has been commissioned by the Capital Region Assessment Services Commission.

If you own a condominium you may receive a separate Tax Notice for your parking stall(s). These notices are mailed in May with payment due end of June.


Supplementary Assessment

The City of Fort Saskatchewan, by bylaw, has authorized the supplementary assessment in accordance with Section 313 of the Municipal Government Act.  The Supplementary Assessment and Property Tax Notices are mailed in October with payment due end of November and apply to new construction only that are occupied in the current year.


Property Tax Deferral for Senior Homeowners

The Government of Alberta's Seniors Property tax Deferral Program allows qualifying senior households to defer their property tax payment through a low-interest home equity loan with Alberta Seniors. Under this program, the Alberta government will pay your residential property taxes directly to the City on your behalf. You re-pay the loan, with interest, when you sell the home, or sooner if you wish.

To be eligible, a senior homeowner must:

  • be 65 years of age or older;
  • be an Alberta resident;
  • own a residential property in Alberta; and
  • have a minimum of 25% home equity.

For more information on this program, visit or call the Alberta Supports Contact Line at 1-877-644-9992 (780-644-9992 in Edmonton).