School Support Declaration

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The City of Fort Saskatchewan is required by legislation to bill and collect school taxes on behalf of the province. However, the City has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations. More information is available at Alberta Education

When you purchase a new home, the City will send you a School Support Declaration form. This form allows you to make a declaration of whether your education property tax dollars will support the public school or the separate school. 

If you have not filed a declaration, or if you wish to change your school support for the next year, please complete the school support notice form above.

For information on changing your declaration of school support, please contact the City of Fort Saskatchewan at 780-992-6228.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does everyone pay education property taxes? 
Yes. The municipality is required to collect school taxes on behalf of the Province and the Public and Separate School Boards. School taxes are not subject to control or review by the City. 

Can I direct my school taxes towards a separate school board rather than a public board? 
Yes. Provincial law states that education property taxes must be used to fund the public education system (public and separate schools). The School Act requires that Roman Catholics must direct their taxes to support the separate school district in the municipality. All other property school taxes support schools in the public school district. 

Can I direct my school taxes to a private school?
No. Private school funding comes from three sources: provincial general revenues, tuition or instruction fees, and by private fundraising.