Understanding Your Utility Bill

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Water Bill


(a) “ Billing Period” this is the number of days that is used to calculate the fixed water, sewer and solid waste charges detailed under (c)“New Charges”. The City of Fort Saskatchewan’s utility billing cycle is for one month. If services were not provided for the full month period the fixed charges will be prorated based on these dates.

(b) ”Due Date” - payment is due by the date indicated here. . A penalty will be applied if your payment is received by the City after this date.

(c) “New charges” indicates the total of the charges for the current billing period. Below is a detailed breakdown of the consumption and fixed charges making up this total.

(d) “The number of days between meter readings” indicates how many days of consumption are included on this one month billing cycle.

(e) “Meter reading and usage details this bill” section includes the meter number, the date when your meter was read for this bill, indicates if the read was an actual read or estimated, and the amount of water used. The total of water used is multiplied by the consumption rate charges to calculate your water and sewer consumption charges detailed in (c) “New Charges”.

(f) “Payments and Adjustments Details” section shows any activity on your account since the last bill. (i.e. Payment received date(s), Penalties, Disconnection Notice Fees, Disconnection Administration fees, Reconnection Fees, etc.)

(g) “Your historical Usage” is a graph representing your personal water consumption over the past 6 months compared to the previous year.