Truck Fill/Bulk Water Station

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The City of Fort Saskatchewan Truck Fill / Bulk Water Station, operated by Public Works, serves residential, commercial, and industrial water haulers.

Water provided is the same tap water as delivered through the City’s distribution system, supplied by EPCOR. View EPCOR's Water Quality Reports.


Location & Hours

Eastgate Business Park
8613 111 Street
Open 24 Hours

Bay 1 – 3" Overhead Hose “Truck Fill” – Account Only

Bay 2 – 3" Overhead Hose “Truck Fill” – Account Only

Bay 2 – 2" Overhead Hose “Barrel Fill” – Coin or Account




A pre-paid account can be set up by returning the application form. Please indicate the dollar amount you wish to open your account with and select a four (4) digit PIN number when returning your application paperwork. The City will issue a 3 digit access code, and the amount you select will be credited to your truck fill account.  Payments can be made during regular business hours at the Public Works department at 11121 88 Ave (next to the truck fill station) or you may place a credit card (Visa/MC) on file with the City.

Account balances can be obtained at the water station.


The barrel fill bay accepts coin in .25, $1 and $2 denominations.  Coin rates are assessed at the residential rate.


Residential Account 

$3.17 / m3 (Approx. 325 Litres / $1)

Coin and Commercial Account

$3.43 / m3 (Approx. 300 Litres / $1)



Instructions for using the truck fill station can be found here.

NOTE: Customers must leave an air gap between the hose and the water tank (air gap built into tank is acceptable).


Other Stations in the Region

Ardrossan, Sherwood Park

Sturgeon Industrial Park

Hilliard – Contact Lamont County


For further information contact Public Works at or (780) 992-6248