Legislative Services

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We believe that every person that lives in our community can rely on a transparent government. We promote accountability and protect our community's assets, employees and citizens from litigation, loss, damage or injury.


Services We Offer:

Legislative Support

  • Coordinated legislative support to Council, the City Manager and all City departments
  • Maintain an official and impartial record of City Council decisions
  • Facilitate public access to the legislative process
  • FOIP Coordinator
  • Administer insurance and risk management portfolio
  • Provide support to City staff with the development and review of contracts, agreements, bylaws and policies

Elections and Census

Records Management

  • Electronic storage of corporate records
  • Secure retention of all corporate documents

Boards and Committees

Commissioner for Oaths

Commissioner for Oaths receive their authority from Alberta Justice.  They can commission Affidavits and Statutory Declarations in and for Alberta only.  Commission for Oaths service is available at City Hall between the hours of 8:00 am - 4:30 pm., Monday through Friday (excluding statutory holidays).  Commissioning of documents is usually a walk-in service; however, you may wish to call 780-992-6200, before you arrive to ensure that a Commissioner is available to meet with you.

Please note:  This service is provided at no cost for the convenience of the public.  If at any time the City's Commissioners for Oath are unsure of the documentation provided, or are uncomfortable with administering the oath, the City reserves the right to refuse this service.  Additional information and what can be commissioned.

Contact Us

Phone: 780-992-6227
Email: legislativeservices@fortsask.ca