Redistricting (Rezoning) Applications

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The Land Use Bylaw is a document that regulates land use and guides development in the City of Fort Saskatchewan. It determines the built form and activities that occur in different land use districts. In order to redistrict (rezone) a property, a Land Use Bylaw amendment must be made and is subject to Council approval. 

Prior to submitting a Redistricting (Rezoning) Application Package, you are encouraged to consult with Planning & Development Services to ensure a complete application. 

When applying, you must provide:

  • Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application Checklist
  • Land Use Bylaw Amendment Application Form
  • Copy of Certificate of Title
  • Letter of Request for Land Use Bylaw Amendment
  • Three (3) hard copies of the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Maps
  • One (1) digital copy of the Land Use Bylaw Amendment Maps (submit to
  • One (1) copy of the Location Map
  • Other information as required by Administration to help support your application
  • All required application fees as specified in the Fees & Charges Bylaw, as amended.

Additional Resources: 

Redistricting (Rezoning) Application Package

*An Owner Authorization Letter is required in absence of the owner(s) signature on the application form 

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your proposed application please contact Planning and Development Services at or call 780.992.6198