Lot Grading Program

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House_FenceThe City of Fort Saskatchewan introduced its new lot grading program January 1, 2013. The new grading program is designed to protect homeowners and insure your new lot is constructed to match the approved Lot Grading Plan in your area.

Lot Grading Pamphlet 

There are two stage for Lot Grading Approval:  

Rough Grade Stage

Generally, the homebuilder is responsible for the Rough Grade Stage.

This stage includes:

  • Backfilling the foundation walls and shaping the lot to conform to the approved Lot Grading Plan within acceptable tolerances (100mm to 150mm below final grade)
  • The builder must have the lot surveyed by an Alberta Land Surveyor who will prepare a Lot Grading Certificate
  • The Lot Grading Certificate is to be submitted to the City of Fort Saskatchewan James E Graham Building
  • The City will review the certificate within 10 working days and return the certificate indicating that the Rough Grade has been approved, or indicate if deficiencies exist
  • The builder must correct the deficiencies, if there are any, within 60 days and re-submit a new Lot Grading Certificate
  • The builder and property owner will be notified when the rough grading is approved
  • Final Grade cannot proceed until a Rough Grading Certificate has been approved by the City

Final Grade Stage

This stage is the responsibility of the homeowner unless otherwise agreed upon with the homebuilder.

  • Final Grade involves the spreading of top soil, compacted and ready for sod, liners, or rocks, etc
  • This stage must be initiated within one year of the Rough Grade Approval
  • Final Grade must be within acceptable tolerances (-70mm to +50mm) of the approved grades on the Lot Grading Plan
  • The homeowner must have the lot surveyed (on sod or topsoil) by an Alberta Land Surveyor who will prepare the Lot Grading Certificate
  • The same process as for the Rough Grading Certificate is then followed. The homeowner will receive approval and a copy of the Lot Grading Certificate when Final Grade is approved   

If you require more information, please contact the City's Project Management Department at 780-992-6248