Accessory Buildings

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Garages, Carports & Sheds

The Land Use Bylaw regulates the size, height, setbacks, and maximum site coverage for accessory buildings, including detached garages, carports, and sheds.  

A development permit and a building permit are required for accessory buildings with an area greater than 10m² (107.6ft²).  Permits can be applied for with Planning & Development Services, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall (10005 102 Street).  When applying for permits please provide: 

  • Development Permit application
  • Building Permit application
  • Accessory Development Permit - Application Information Sheet
  • Accessory Building information sheet
  • 5 copies of the site plan showing the proposed location of the accessory building.  Distance from side and rear property lines, existing structures, easements and utility right-of-ways must also be included in the drawing.
  • Drawings showing the dimensions of the accessory building
  • All required application fees as specified in the Fees & Charges bylaw.

Accessory buildings with an area less than 10m² (107.6ft²) that adhere to the Land Use Bylaw do not require a development permit or a building permit.  However, all accessory buildings are to be no less than 1.0m (3.3ft) from property lines and no less than 1.2m (3.9ft) from other structures on the property.  Accessory buildings, including eaves, cannot be located over an easement or utility right-of-way. 

For help navigating and interpreting the LUB, contact Planning & Development Services at 780-992-6198.

Your building permits include an inspection from a Safety Codes Officer.  To arrange an inspection, contact The Inspections Group at the following numbers:

Building Inspection:                 780-992-6207

Electrical Inspection:               780-454-5048 

Plumbing/Gas Inspection:      780-992-6207

To receive a timely decision on your application, please ensure your application is clear, legible and complete.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 


Accessory Building - Application Forms

Demolition & Rebuild - Accessory Building - Application Forms


Did You Know? You May Need A Special Use Permit

Special Use Permits

Using equipment on City property may require a Special Use Permit.

Download the Special Use of Public Property Permit »