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Home Office & Home Business

home businessTo help support growing businesses, the Land Use Bylaw allows home based businesses that do not adversely impact neighbours within certain residential districts.  Home based businesses are defined in two categories:

Home Office

A home office is a small scale business which is not detectable from outside the dwelling, has no business associated visits to the home, does not require parking of a commercial vehicle, and all employees are residents.   

Home Business

A home business is a small scale business that does not adversely impact neighbours.  Such businesses may generate a minimal amount of business associated visits to the home, employ one non-resident employee, and permits on-site parking of a commercial vehicle. 

Both Home Offices and Home Businesses require a development permit

Permits can be applied for with Planning & Development Services, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall (10005 102 St).  When applying for permits please provide: 

  • Accessory Home Occupation Development Permit Application Package (completed)
  • All required application fees as specified in the Fees & Charges Bylaw


Applications must describe in detail the nature of the proposed business, including hours of operation, number of anticipated client visits to the home, etc. 

Please note, the information provided is used to make a decision on your application.  Expansion of the business beyond the original application could result in the permit approvals becoming null and void.  Consider how you want to operate the business now and into the future, and build in some flexibility into the details of your business. 

For help navigating and interpreting the Land Use Bylaw, contact Planning & Development Services at 780-992-6198.

To receive a timely decision on your application, please ensure your application is clear, legible and complete.  Incomplete applications will not be accepted. 

Accessory Home Occupation Development Permit Application Package