Subdivision Applications

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 A subdivision is the process of dividing one parcel of land into two or more smaller parcels. By subdividing land, each parcel created is given a separate land title.

Prior to submitting a Subdivision Application Package, you are encouraged to consult with Planning & Development Services to ensure your proposed development aligns with existing Planning Documents. Subdivision applications must meet the Site Subdivision Regulations as established in the Land Use Bylaw.  If the proposed parcel does not meet the regulations, a redistricting application may be necessary. 

The Municipal Government Act – Section 653 regulates the subdivision process.  Subdivision applications are approved by the Subdivision Approving Authority.  For a more detailed description of the process, please see our Subdivision Process page.

Applications can be submitted to Planning & Development Services, located on the 2nd floor of City Hall (10005 102 Street). 

When applying for a subdivision, you must provide:

  • Letter of Request for Subdivision
  • Subdivision Application Form
  • Subdivision Application Checklist
  • Copy of Certificate of Title(s)
  • Copy of the Deferred Municipal Reserve Caveat if registered on the Certificate of Title(s) 
  • Confirmation of Abandoned Well Sites as per Directive 079*
  • Three (3) hard copies of the proposed plan
  • One (1) digital copy of the proposed plan (submit to
  • One (1) copy of the location map
  • Other information as required by Administration to help support your application
  • All required application fees as specified in the Fees & Charges Bylaw

The 2017 Fees and Charges Bylaw includes the following fees for subdivisions. 

Subdivision Application- $1,000.00 + $250.00/lot- Including Bareland and Conventional Condominium (excluding reserve parcels or public utility lots)

Subdivision Endorsement- $300.00 + $200.00/lot- Including Bareland and Conventional Condominium (excluding reserve parcels or public utility lots)

*Alberta Energy Regulators Directive 079 regulates subdivision and surface development requirements for projects within close proximity of an abandoned well.  Subdivision applications are required to include a map of the project area from the Abandoned Well Map Viewer and written confirmation from the applicant that there are no wells within the project area.  If the project area contains abandoned wells, the requirements can be reviewed online or contact Planning & Development at 780-992-6198. 

Additional Resources:

Subdivision Application Package

*An Owner Authorization Letter is required in absence of the owner(s) signature on the application form

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss your proposed application please contact the Planning and Development Department at or call 780.992.6198.