Aquatic Facility Vote

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Unofficial Aquatic Services Vote Result

The City of Fort Saskatchewan is holding a vote on aquatic services in conjunction with the 2017 Municipal Election being held on Monday, October 16.

Voters will be able to answer the question about a second aquatic facility at the Dow Centennial Centre with a yes or no response. The vote is non-binding and is intended to gauge support from residents.

The following FAQ's are intended to provide as much information as is available at this time.

If you require further information or would like to provide feedback on the information being provided, please contact:

Recreation Services

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Aquatic Facility Vote

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  • 1. Why is the City holding an aquatic facility vote?

  • 2. Why am I receiving this information on the aquatic facility vote?

  • 3. What will happen to Harbour Pool if a new aquatic facility is built at the Dow Centennial Centre?

  • 4. What features would a new aquatic facility at the Dow Centennial Centre include?

  • 6. What is the construction cost of the new aquatic facility to be located at the Dow Centennial Centre?

  • 7. How will the construction of the new aquatic facility be funded?

  • 8. What is the operational cost of a new aquatic facility?

  • 9. How will the construction cost on of a new aquatic facility affect taxpayers?

  • 10. When and where do I vote?

  • 11. What is the question we are voting on?

  • 12. Is the aquatic facility vote binding?

  • 13. Based on the results of the vote, what is the potential project time line?

  • 14. How does the Aquatics Vote affect other project time lines in the Recreation, Facilities and Parks Master Plan Update (RFPMPU)?