Smoking Bylaw Survey

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In February, the results of the Cannabis Survey indicated that the community preferred a restrictive approach to public cannabis consumption (which will be regulated through a smoking bylaw). A draft smoking bylaw was brought to Council for consideration. Council has also received presentations from health advocates and law enforcement professionals stating their belief that tobacco, vaping and e-cigarettes and cannabis should be regulated the same in the interest of health, reduced normalization, reduced nuisance, and enforceability.

Health: Smoking or inhaling combustibles, in any form, is bad for our health. This includes anyone exposed to second hand smoke.

Normalization: Smoking in public, particularly near young people, is concerning because it makes the behaviour appear ‘normal’, which is negative considering the health concerns.

Nuisance: Smoke travels and impacts other people in the area who are choosing not to smoke themselves.

Enforceability: Treating different types of smoking differently will make enforcement and prosecution a significant challenge.

Council has asked for options for aligning cannabis and tobacco use restrictions. The City of Fort Saskatchewan is requesting your input again, to understand how the community feels on this topic and help strike the right balance with our local smoking bylaw.

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