Business Development Incentive Program

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Business Development Program offers six unique incentives that were developed, in partnership with local business, to help accelerate the growth and development of small businesses and assist commercial property owners improve their property.

Business Development Incentives Policy and Procedure

List of Available Business Incentives


Max Funding

% of Eligible Expenses

E-Commerce Support Grant

 $1,000 100% 

Export Development Incentive

 $5,000 50% 

Small Business Education



Small Business Equipment and Technology



Small Business Marketing



Storefront Improvement




Incentive funding will be allocated on a case-by-case basis subject to the approval of the Businees Development Incentive Review Committee, until the budget has been spent or the program year has ended. Submitting an application does not guarantee a funding or a specific funding amount. All project proposals are subject to a comprehensive review of application and required information, must reflect the spirit and intent of each grant.


Each incentive has its own unique requirements, however generally the incentives are available to business owners with a Resident Business Licence and/or owners of commercial property located in Fort Saskatchewan.


Am I required to use local contractors when applying for any of the Business Development Incentives?

No. While we encourage businesses to shop local by using other local business, we want to ensure that applicants have the ability to seek out the most competitive quotations for their projects.

Why aren't advertising fees eligible for the Small Business Marketing Incentive?

The objective of the Small Business Marketing Incentive is to assist small businesses with improving the quality and effectiveness of their marketing not the quantity. Funding is intended for creation and development marketing content, not for advertising fees. As an example, the cost associated with the creation of a website or the development of a promotional video would be eligible however the cost associated with website hosting and maintenance or airtime on television would not be eligible.

For the Storefront Improvement Incentive, I plan on performing some of the work myself. Can I submit my labour as an eligible expense?

No. While you are permitted to perform work yourself, any labour done yourself or provided in-kind is an ineligible expense.

Are software licence fees eligible under the Small Business Equipment & Technology Incentive?

Yes, some software licence fees may be eligible, however the fees would only by eligible for a period of 12 consecutive months.

Are computers eligible for the Small Business Equipment & Technology Incentive?

Computers may be eligible, however it is critical for the applicant to demonstrate how the computers would be specialized for business and how the computers will increase efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness of the business.

Are signs eligible for the Storefront Improvement Program?

Signs may be included as part of an overall storefront improvement, however applications that are exclusively for storefront signs will not be considered.

Note that signs may also be eligible under the Small Business Marketing Incentive as part of a strategic Marketing Project.

I am the owner of home based business. Am I eligible for the Storefront Improvement Incentive?

No. Only commercial property is eligible for the Storefront Improvement Incentive.

I lease space for my business. Am I eligible for the Storefront Improvement Incentive?

Yes, as long as you have the approval of the property owner.

I have a project that would qualify under two Incentives. Can I apply for both?

You are permitted to submit applications for more than one incentive, however you would only be eligible to receive one incentive.

Can I receive more than one Incentive?

Business owners and commercial property owners are only eligible to receive one incentive every three years. If you receive a incentive in 2018, you would not be eligible for another grant until 2021.

The only exception is the Small Business Education Incentive.

Recipients of a Small Business Education Incentive would be eligible for another Business Development Program Incentive, however they would not be eligible for another Small Business Education Incentive for three years.

Program Recipients

Recent Program Recipients
Business NameIncentive CategoryProject DescriptionCity's ContributionPrivate ContributionTotal Cost
Urban Centre Plaza Storefront Improvement Installation of floor-ceiling windows on ground floor commercial space  $10,000 $38,690 $48,690 
Switzer Financial Services Storefront Improvement Storefront improvements.  $10,000 $10,000 $20,000 
The Barn Door Storefront Improvement Storefront improvements. $9,996 $10,000 $19,996
Vivid Vision Equipment & Technology New equipment to enhance services for children and non-verbal patients.  $5,000 $7,000 $12,000
Praire Fire Landscaping Equipment & Technology  Purchase of landscaping equipment to expand service offerings $5,000 $30,000 $35,000
Serenity Funeral Service Equipment & Technology  New equipment to enhance services offered to families $1,512 $1,512 $3,024
Total $41,508 $97,202 $138,710