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Mobile Vending Information (Food Truck)

Mobile Vending is considered any vehicle or structure not permanently affixed to land used to sell goods and/or services.

Where are Mobile Vendors Permitted to Operate in Fort Saskatchewan?

Mobile Vending is only permitted on City property when a written agreement between the City and the Mobile Vendor has been executed, which specifically authorizes the Mobile Vendor to operate at a Designated Site.

Mobile Vending is permitted at outdoor Special Events or Farmers' Markets , on the conditions that:

  • the Mobile Vendor has obtained permission from the event organizer; and
  • the event organizer has obtained all necessary permits and licences.

Mobile Vending is permitted on private property on the conditions that:

  • the Mobile Vendor has obtained permission from the land owner; and
  • the use is permitted under the Land Use Bylaw.

Mobile Vendors requirements:

  • A City of Fort Saskatchewan Business Licence
  • One or more of the following:
    • A written agreement to operate at a designated City site
    • An agreement with a Special Event or Farmer's Market organizer
    • Written permission to operate on private property      

Additional requirements to consider:

For further information, consult the Mobile Vending Policy.