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Urban beekeeping is an excellent way to improve plant pollination in backyards and the community. The program allows residential property owners to maintain honey bee hives in their backyard. Interested residents can apply for an urban beekeeping licence with the City. 

Applying for an Urban Beekeeping Licence

1. Review the Requirements

The Fort Honey Bee Requirements have information about applying for a licence. It is important that applicants understand the requirements and commitments to become a beekeeper. It is recommended that beginner beekeepers connect with established beekeepers for information and support.

2. Beekeeping Training

Proof of completing an accredited beekeeping course is required. Urban beekeeping courses are offered through the following programs:

3. Register with the Provincial Apiculturist

As part of the Bee Act and Regulation, beekeepers must register with the Provincial Apiculturist every year by June 30th.

4. Register with Alberta's Premises Identification Program (PID)

As part of the Animal Health Act, owners of bees must have a premises identification account and number for the bees. The PID program is a traceable system that links animals to a location or premise. The program is designed to prevent and control agricultural diseases that could affect animals and public safety.

5. Apply for a beekeeping licence

Complete the Beekeeping Licence Application. You will need to provide information on proposed hive locations, and confirmation that your adjacent neighbours have been notified. Complete applications and fee payment can be submitted at the Planning & Development Front Desk, Lower Level City Hall (10005 102 ST).

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