Planning and Zoning Documents

Planning & Development works with the community to develop planning documents at the municipal level. The plans are created through consultation and discussion with community members and stakeholders. The recommendations given to Council on land use matters are based on these policy plans.

Area Redevelopment Plans

Area Redevelopment Plans (ARP's) facilitate redevelopment in established neighbourhoods or areas. A redevelopment area may be designated to rehabilitate buildings, construct or replace buildings, and improve of relocate roads and public utilities.

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, Area Redevelopment Plans may include the following:

  • Objectives of the plan, and how they are proposed to be achieved
  • Proposed land uses for the redevelopment area
  • If a redevelopment levy is to be imposed, the reasons for imposing it
  • Any proposal for the acquisition of land for municipal use
  • Any other proposals that council considers necessary

The Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan provides policy direction and detailed design guidelines for the redevelopment of the Downtown, which is the oldest and most diverse neighbourhood in the City.

Area Structure Plans

Area Structure Plans (ASP's) are statutory plans that guide the future growth and development for specific areas within the City. They provides direction on land use, access, and servicing for newly developing neighbourhoods.

Area Structure Plans include proposed land uses, proposed population densities, and the general locations of major transportation routes. These plans are developed in conformance with the growth and development direction set in the Municipal Development Plan.

This is the list of Fort Saskatchewan's Area Structure Plans:

Community Sustainability Plan

The Community Sustainability Plan was adopted in 2010 and was updated in 2014. The Community Sustainability Plan reflects the vision of the community for the next 30 years. It provides overall guidance to community decision-making towards a sustainable future.

Design Briefs

Design briefs are documents that are created to provide urban design and architectural guidelines for specific developments. Design Briefs propose developments that include high quality building designs and public spaces.

This is the list of Fort Saskatchewan's Design Briefs:

Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board

The Edmonton Metropolitan Region Board (EMRB) is the regional growth board for the Edmonton region. The Province has mandated the board to coordinate long-range growth servicing and planning for the region. The City of Fort Saskatchewan is one of 13 member municipalities.

The EMRB was established in 2017 in accordance with section 708.02(1.2) of the Municipal Government Act. Prior to October 2017, it was called the Capital Region Board (CRB).

The Edmonton Metropolitan Regional Growth Plan provides the 50 year vision for the growth and development of the Edmonton region.

Municipal Development Plan

The City's Municipal Development Plan (MDP) Our Fort. Our Future. is a statutory plan that guides the future growth and development for the entire city as it grows into a city of 50,000 residents. The Municipal Development Plan shows future land uses, transportation systems, and municipal services for the entire city. It is a high level policy tool that will guide decision making on what to build and where to build it.

Land Use Bylaw

The Land Use Bylaw establishes rules and regulations for land development as well as the process of making decisions for development permit applications within the City of Fort Saskatchewan.

View our Land Use Bylaw page

Land Use Plans and Policies

Land Use Plans are approved documents that provide the vision for future land use development. There is a hierarchy of policy plans at the provincial, regional, and municipal level that guide how land use decisions are made. Decisions may also be influenced by internal policies and procedures which are approved by the City Manager.

Outline Plans

An Outline Plan is detailed plan for the development of a specific area of land. Outline Plans include land uses, open spaces, a detailed road net municipal servicing. Outline Plans focus on a smaller area within an approved Area Structure Plan, and provide greater details for development. Outline Plans are typically produced by Developers and reviewed by the City. Outline Plans must follow approved statutory plans including the Municipal Development Plan and Area Structure Plans.

View the Outline Plan Terms of Reference

All size, locations, and areas depicted are conceptual. Actual location and size will be determined through the redistricting and subdivision approval process. The number, size, and location of future school sites may change in response to student demographics and provincial funding.

This is a list of Fort Saskatchewan’s Outline Plans and Development Concepts:

Please contact Land Use and Planning if you would like to see supporting assessment reports and studies.

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