Professional Services Grant

The purpose of the Professional Services Grant is to provide support to eligible businesses for expenses related to services received from a Qualified Professional for the purposes of accessing COVID-19 Support Programs.


  • Maximum funding is $1000.
  • Amount of funds are allocated at the discretion of the Program Review Officer based on the maximum amount under the program, available funds, and the scope and nature of the project


To be eligible for the Professional Service Grant the applicant must:

  • Be a Resident Business within the City;
  • Possess a valid Business Licence; and  
  • Be able to demonstrate a need for the services of a Qualified Professional

* Businesses which possess in-house accounting staff and/or capabilities will not be considered eligible

Eligible activities include, accounting services for the purposes of:

  • Understanding program details and requirements;
  • Determining eligibility for programs; and
  • Preparation and/or submission of program applications and reporting.

Eligible costs include:

  • Consultation services;
  • Document review and preparation;
  • Application preparation and submission; and
  • Financial reporting as it relates to receipt of COVID-19 Support Programs

Ineligible costs include but are not limited to:

  • Tax filings or other advice/services not related to accessing COVID-19 Support Programs;
  • Services rendered prior to application.

Download Professional Services Grant Application