Southfort Area Structure Plan Update

The City is updating the Southfort Area Structure Plan (ASP) to facilitate more efficient distribution of open space within the southwest portion of the ASP area, to reflect the community’s changing educational and recreational needs.

The Southfort ASP comprises 700 hectares (1700 acres) of land. Southfort is currently home to 7,277 residents with a projected population of 18,300-21,000 residents. This statutory plan provides the framework for land use, transportation access, utility services, and population projections for the area. The Southfort ASP is being updated to accommodate a new potential high school site along Southridge Boulevard, and to provide for a more programmable open space in Southfort Meadows. These updates will require some reconfiguration of surrounding land uses in this area.

Proposed updates to the Southfort ASP include:

  • Addition of a 6.9 ha (7.1 ac) park/potential high school site along Southridge Boulevard;
  • Relocating a High Density Residential site along Southfort Boulevard to a High Density Street oriented Mixed Use site in the southwest portion of the ASP;
  • Reallocating medium density residential development in the southwest portion of the ASP;
  • Relocating a storm water management pond further north along Greenfield Link. This will provide a buffer between low density residential and multi-family housing forms, and will be a more centrally located amenity;
  • Relocating a proposed arterial road further east along Southridge Boulevard in following with the City of Fort Saskatchewan Transportation Master Plan;
  • Minor changes to the policy statements to ensure their implementation to achieved the objectives of the ASP;
  • Identifying the existing Southfort Village service node as a commercial land use;
  • Identifying the zoned SouthPointe service node as a commercial land use.

An open house for the Southfort ASP update was held on December 6, 2018.

Public Hearing

A public hearing for Bylaw C4-19 is being held on May 28, 2019 at Council. Information on the public hearing, including a copy of Bylaw C4-19, can be found on our Public Hearings page.

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What is an Area Structure Plan?
An Area Structure Plan (ASP) is a Council approved plan that guides the future growth and development for a specific area within the City. An Area Structure Plan includes proposed land uses, proposed population densities, and the general locations of major transportation routes for newly developing neighbourhoods. An Area Structure Plan must be developed in conformance with the growth and development direction set by the Municipal Development Plan.
Why is the Southfort Area Structure Plan being updated?
The current version of the Southfort Area Structure Plan was approved in June 2013. Area Structure Plans are updated periodically to reflect changes in the community. Based on the rapid growth in the City, a need for a potential high school site in the Southfort area is anticipated. The proposed update will allow for a new potential high school site and better programmable open space to meet the community’s needs.
What are the timelines for the update?

The Southfort ASP updates were initiated in Winter 2018. A community open house was help on December 6, 2018.

A public hearing for Bylaw C4-19 is scheduled for May 28, 2019 at Council. Information on the public hearing, including a copy of Bylaw C4-19, can be found on our Public Hearings page

How is an Area Structure Plan approved?
New Area Structure Plans, and amendments to existing Area Structure Plans must be approved by Council. A public hearing must be held as part of the process. This is in following with the Municipal Government Act. 
How can I share my feedback on the plan?

Comments can be emailed to

Written letters can be dropped off at:

Planning Front Desk
2nd Floor City Hall
10005 102 Street, Fort Saskatchewan

How can I stay informed?
Updates will be posted on the City’s website.
Who do I contact if I have any questions about the process?

Planning & Development Department
City of Fort Saskatchewan
Ph: 780-992-6198