Accounts and Billing

In an effort to support residents and businesses during the COVID-19 response, the City of Fort Saskatchewan waived all late fees and penalties on utility bills (water, sewer and waste) for 90 days (March 23 – June 22, 2020). The repayment for all deferred utility bills will be over the next six months (July to December, 2020). Any outstanding balance as of June 22, 2020 will be divided equally over six months and added to the current months’ utility charges.

 If you have any questions about your repayment plan or need further explanation please contact the Utility Billing Department at 780-992-6178 or email 

Sample Utility Bill with Repayment Plan

Account setup/closing

Please provide 10 working days' notice to the Utility Billing Department before services are connected or disconnected.

Download the Utility Account Setup/Move In Form

Download the Utility Account Closing/Move Out Form

Accessing your account online

Owners can keep track of billing and payment information online by registering your account in Virtual City Hall.

What information is available online?

  • account status and balances
  • transaction history
  • view utility bills online
  • make payments
  • sign up for utility e-billing


If you are moving from a property please remember that:

  • Utility account numbers are linked to the property address, NOT the customer name.
  • If you move to a new property in Fort Saskatchewan, your account number will change.
  • If you pay your bill online or by telephone banking, please update your new utility account number with your financial institution.

Rental properties

Renters cannot set up new utility accounts.

All residential utility accounts must be set up in the registered owners name as per the Utility Bylaw amendment [link to Utility Bylaw].

If you have a rental property in Fort Saskatchewan please be aware that:

  • All new utility accounts are held in the property owner's name only.
  • It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure balances are paid.
  • The City can send a copy of the utility bill to the property address for the renter/occupant, but the owner is still responsible for the bill. The owner must complete the Renter Authorization Form to have a copy sent to the renter.
  • Management companies must complete the Management Company Authorization Form to receive the utility bill.

Billing information

Your utility bill includes water, sewer, and solid waste. Bills are mailed out on or around the 23rd of each month and are due on the 15th of the following month.

Note: If you have not received your bill within seven days of the mailing date, please contact the Utility Department.

Go paperless!

Did you know you can sign up for utility e-billing and receive your bills through email?

Sign up for utility e-billing now!

Paying your bill


You can now pay your utility bills online at Virtual City Hall. Use our step-by-step instructions to activate your account.

You can also pay online through your financial institution using your seven digit account number. To avoid late charges, allow seven days for processing.

Pre-authorized payment plan

The Fort Electronic Payment Plan is a convenient way to pay utility bills and taxes.

To set up pre-authorized payments you must complete the Fort Electronic Payment Plan Agreement and drop off the form, with a void cheque, to Fort Saskatchewan City Hall.


Pay by phone using VISA or MasterCard at 780-992-6228. Please have your account information ready before calling.

You can also pay by phone through your financial institution using your seven digit account number. To avoid late charges, allow seven days for processing.

In Person

You can pay in person at your financial institution. To avoid late charges, allow seven days for processing.

You can also in person at one of the following City facilities:


Mail your cheque, payable to City of Fort Saskatchewan, and enclose the remittance portion of your utility bill to:

City of Fort Saskatchewan
10005 102 Street
Fort Saskatchewan, AB T8L 2C5

After hours

Use the City Hall Drop Box located at the top of the exterior front stairs.

Reading your utility bill

Utility Bill Sample

a. Billing period

This is the number of days used to calculate the fixed water, sewer and solid waste charges detailed under (c) “New Charges”. The utility billing cycle is for one month. If services were not provided for the full month the fixed charges are prorated based on these dates.

b. Due date

Payment is due on the date indicated here. A penalty will apply to payments received after this date.

c. New charges

This is the total charges for the current billing period. Below it is a detailed breakdown of charges.

d. Number of days between meter readings

This is how many days of consumption are included on the one month billing cycle.

e. Meter readings and usage details this bill

This section includes the meter number, the date your meter was read, shows if the read was actual read or estimated, and the amount of water used. The total of water used is multiplied by the consumption rate charges to calculate your water and sewer consumption charges detailed in (c) “New Charges”.

f. Payment and adjustment details

This section shows any activity on your account since the last bill. (i.e. Payment received date(s), Penalties, Disconnection Notice Fees, Disconnection Administration fees, Reconnection Fees, etc.)

g. Your historic usage

This is a graph representing your personal water consumption over the past six months compared to the previous year.

Overdue Payments

Utility bill payments must be received on or before the due date indicated on your bill. A 2.5% penalty is applied to outstanding accounts. Failure to pay your utility bill may result in a service disconnection.

Utility Disconnection Notices

Accounts 60 days past due will receive a notice of disconnection. A $31.50 fee applies to disconnection warning notices.

If your water services are disconnected, there will be additional fees and charges that will apply and must be paid along with the outstanding balance on your account prior to services being restored.