Bike Index

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has partnered with Bike Index in attempt to deter bike theft from the moment you purchase your bicycle, and if your bicycle is ever lost or stolen, we can return it to you ASAP.

Bike Index is a non-profit online bicycle registry. It's a simple solution to prove ownership, alert the community if your bike has been stolen, and search a bicycle you found to find its owner.

If your bike is ever lost or stolen, head to your Bike Index account and mark it as ‘stolen’ to let the community know. If anyone sees it, they can contact you immediately.

If you sell your registered bike, you can easily update your Bike Index information with the press of a button and transfer your bicycle’s information to the new owner’s account.

Register your bike with Bike Index today!

QR code stickers

Residents are also able to grab Bike Index QR code stickers from the Fort Sask RCMP detachment to put on their bicycles.

These stickers are:

  • FREE;
  • a unique identifier so anyone with a smart phone can instantly be taken to your Bike Index registry page to contact you if they find your bike and believe it to be stolen;
  • another deterrent for potential bike thieves as it shows your bike is watched for by the entire community; and,
  • made of strong material to weather any storm and is extremely difficult to take off.

Bike Index