Community Board Development

Non-profit organizations are a vital part of building strong and engaged communities. The City of Fort Saskatchewan recognizes and values the contributions of groups and the individuals that give their time and talents to them. The City actively works to provide ongoing support, understand the needs of volunteer groups and amplify their incredible influence on the well-being of residents. For more information, or to learn more, please email

Funding and Grants


Alberta Community Development Unit

Support and services that assist organizations to do their work in Alberta communities. Provides customized capacity building services for non-profit, charitable organizations, social profit organizations, unincorporated collaboratives and committees to help you achieve your solutions at no cost.

More information on the Alberta Community Development Unit

Alberta Community Support Network (ACSN)

Offers consultancy services to non-profit organizations by utilizing volunteers that have a solid understanding of the non-profit and charitable sectors and can provide a broad range of professional services based on their availability.

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Alberta Non-profit Network (ABNN)

This network brings together orgs of all sizes and scopes to collectively address provincial-wide issues, advancing a proactive, resilient and collaborative non-profit sector.

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Board Governance Guidebook

This resource has been specifically developed for commissions, committees, societies, and associations that require training and support.

View the Board Governance Guidebook - Everything you need to know

Capacity Building

Capacity building is whatever is needed to bring a non-profit to the next level of operational, programmatic, financial, or organizational maturity, so it may more effectively and efficiently advance its mission into the future.

View Capacity Building- What is it and why is it important?

Charity or non-profit or both

The words ‘non-profit’ and ‘charity’ are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

What are the differences between non-profit organizations, registered charities, and charitable organizations?

Diversity in Non-profit

A comprehensive toolkit for use by CEOs, board chairs, heads of board governance committees and independent consultants when working with boards on issues around diversity and governance.

View Diversity in Governance (A Toolkit for Non-profit Boards)

Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

Helps organizations build and sustain their volunteer programs and services through resources, networking, and skill development opportunities.

Check out Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations

GOA: Freedom to care

Aims to remove barriers for the province’s non-profits and support their key role in the delivery of important programs and services.

More on Freedom to care

GOA: Non-profit documents and guides

Resources related to the governance of non-profit organizations, including guides, workbooks and bulletins.

Check out the GOA Non-profit documents and guides

GOA: Sport, Physical Activity and Recreation (SPAR) Program

SPAR provides grant and award programs, training, research and other services to the non-profit sport community in Alberta.

More on SPAR

Presenting to Council - Understanding the process

Effectively presenting to City Council involves thorough preparation, clear communication, and strategic relationship-building. 

Check out the Guide to Municipal Presentations for Public Board Members

Roberts Rules of Order

This is a framework that is comprised of a set of codes and rules of ethics that helps groups hold orderly meetings that allow the majority to rule while allowing minority voices to be heard.

Check out Roberts Rules of Order - What are they?


All of the resources below are offered at no-cost.  

Local educational opportunities provided by the City of Fort Saskatchewan will be added as available. 

Board Leadership Alberta

Provides highly relevant and accessible training, including tools, to improve success of non-profit volunteer sector groups and organizations.

More information on Board Leadership Alberta

Government of Alberta Non-profit Learning Centre

Find online courses and training resources on non-profit governance to support board members of non-profit organizations.

Check out the GOA Non-profit learning centre

  • More on GOA Live Webinars: Includes topics such as Board Development, Grant writing, Strategic Thinking, Vision/Mission statements, Facilitation skills, and more.
  • More on GOA Online Courses: Online, interactive courses offered by the Provincial Government, and watch recorded webinars related to governing a non-profit organization.