Connected Communities

When people feel connected to one another their neighbourhoods transform from a place to live to a place to belong. These friendships can increase a person’s sense of belonging, improve physical and mental health and create strong, lasting communities. FCSS believes that social change is achieved through a small group of residents working together. Through our Connected Communities program we are providing neighbours with the tools and resources they need to get together and get connected!

Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives 

Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities

In 2019, The City of Fort Saskatchewan joined The Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities which is a network that brings together municipalities that want to improve their policies against racism, discrimination, exclusion and intolerance. Its strength lies in the shared experiences of its members. Together, the municipalities undertake initiatives to eliminate all forms of discrimination with a view to building open and inclusive societies. In Canada, 77 cities are members of the Coalition of Inclusive Municipalities. They advance initiatives to:

  • improve their practices to promote social inclusion
  • establish policies to eradicate all forms of racism and discrimination
  • promote human rights and diversity

The cities follow through on the Coalition's commitments for respecting, protecting and promoting human rights and diversity.

View the CCMARD Toolkit Summary

View the CCMARD Full Toolkit

Good Neighbour 

Neighbourhoods are more than houses, streets and boulevards — it’s the people who live in those neighbourhoods that make them dynamic and unique.

If you have neighbours who make your neighbourhood the place to be, let them know their contributions matter and nominate them as a Good Neighbour!

Neighbourhood Connectors

What is a Neighbourhood Connector?

Neighbourhood Connectors are local volunteers who take pride in their communities and connect neighbours to one another through block events and conversations. When neighbours feel connected to one another their friendships can have a significant impact on the quality of life in their neighbourhood including an increased sense of belonging, better mental health, and increased safety.

Why should I Volunteer?

Neighbourhood Connectors are residents who enjoy getting to know their neighbours, like hosting block events and may have ideas on how to improve their neighbourhood, but need a bit of help getting started. If this sounds like you, the Neighbourhood Connector Program can help you with additional resources and ideas to make your neighbourhood one of the best places to live and play!

What would I need to do?

As a Neighbourhood Connector you will have support from the Community Social Planning Coordinator in getting to know your neighbours and resources to help you host block events and implement any innovative community building ideas you may have. Neighbourhood Connectors will also:

  1. Connect with every neighbour on their block and providing information on the Neighbourhood Connector role.
  2. Host a block event at least once per year.
  3. Access the Shape Your Community Grant to help implement neighbour ideas and improve the neighbourhood.
  4. Nominate anyone on your block who makes your neighbourhood a great place to live for the Good Neighbour award!

Sign up:

A Neighbours Guide to Making your Neighbourhood a Community

Shape Your Community 

Are you interested in doing something in your neighbourhood to build a stronger community, address a local challenge, or develop a community sustainable project? The Shape Your Community Grant can help you make it a reality with up to $500 for community events or up to $1500 for community enhancements or initiatives.

Shape Your Community Grant - Criteria, Guidelines and Application Form

Shape Your Community Grant - Evaluation Form


Email the Community Social Planning Coordinator

Ph: 780-992-6267

Community Events

Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) offers a variety of programs, courses, training and events throughout the year. Check here for updates or follow us on Facebook - FCSS Fort Saskatchewan to learn more.

Upcoming events

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ASIST is a two day intensive, interactive and practice-dominated course, designed to help caregivers recognize and review risk, and intervene to prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

Annual events

Seniors Week

Seniors Week in Alberta is celebrated from June 2nd -8th, 2019. Watch here for updates on events.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is recognized globally on June 15th. Watch here for updates on events.