What is the City responsible for when it comes to Animal Control?

Municipal Enforcement is responsible for bylaw related complaints about domestic pets such as dogs or cats; or domestic rabbits or pigeons kept within an enclosure, in accordance with the Bylaw.

Pests or wildlife damaging City property or infrastructure (e.g., Beavers damming a waterway that will flood city property).

What do I do when my cat or dog gets lost?

If your lost pet was found by Animal Control while wearing a city License Tag, an officer will call you as soon as possible to arrange for you to be reunited with your pet.

All lost pets which do not have License Tags or other ID will be posted on the Fort Saskatchewan Animal Control Facebook page in hopes of finding the owner. If your pet is not listed, and you have not been contacted: call the City's Animal Control at 780-997-7930, and your information will be collected, and efforts will be made to try and locate your missing pet.

If a pet remains unclaimed after 48 hours, Municipal Enforcement will transfer the care of the animal to the Edmonton Humane Society.

I found a dog/cat and need someone to come pick the animal up.

You can call Municipal Enforcement for assistance, 780-997-7930. However, there may not be an Officer available to pick up or accept the animal into our care. Before choosing to catch the animal, please make sure you are available to keep them in your care and control until you can get an officer to come pick up the animal or there is an Officer available at the Protective Services Building.

My neighbour's dog is outside barking for hours, what should I do?

Have you spoken with your neighbour regarding the barking issue? Some cases the owner does not even realize that the dog is barking due to circumstances such as not being home. Please try and speak to your neighbour first regarding the barking dog issue.

Call Municipal Enforcement at 780-997-7930. Please make sure to have the address as to where the dog is barking from. At this time we will provide education to the owners in regards to the barking.

Keep a “bark log” if the barking continues after we have spoken with the owners. Please indicate the day, time, and length to which the dog was heard barking. After the log is filled out, please contact the Peace Officers and they will deal with the matter accordingly

I have a wild animal (skunk, fox etc) under my deck, can you come pick it up?

Wildlife are the responsibility of the property owner to manage. Property owners are usually left to research how they wish to manage nuisance birds or wildlife.

Municipal Enforcement can assist you with stray cats and dogs.

What can I do about nuisance, non-domestic birds or rabbits?

Wildlife, including non-domestic birds (pigeons, crows, magpies, etc.), are the responsibility of the property owner to manage. Contact a local pest management company to assist you in removing and deterring pests.

Municipal Enforcement can share their knowledge of search parameters for a local company that specialize in pest or non-domestic bird management.

Here are some things you can try to help deter nuisance wildlife:

  • Eliminate food and nesting materials from the property.
  • Keep garbage containers covered or sealed and dispose of garbage regularly.
  • Install deterrent devices (e.g., bird spikes, netting, owl ornaments, etc.).

Removing non-domestic birds

You may remove birds, but unless you address why they choose to nest at a site, they are likely to return. Make sure you wear protective gloves and dispose of the nest and gloves in a sealed plastic bag contained within another sealed plastic bag.

The City offers a unique service within the Capital Region in that Municipal Enforcement has a small stock of pigeon traps that may be borrowed by residents to help trap nuisance birds.


If a non-domestic bird is trapped, it must be cared for or disposed of humanely. If a domestic pet is trapped by accident, such as a cat, it must be turned over to Municipal Enforcement. It is important to check the traps daily.

Am I allowed to shoot pigeons, or any other pests within Fort Saskatchewan?

No. There are many different laws that regulate the use of firearms or weapons restricting the use of a firearm to deter birds (federal, provincial and local laws apply).

What can Fish and Wildlife do to help?

Visit the Alberta Environment and Parks Human-Wildlife Conflict webpage for information or check to see if they can assist you with any nuisance wildlife by calling 780-427-3574.