Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are a crucial part of Fort Saskatchewan's fire prevention system and a source of water. The City maintains and repairs fire hydrants located on public land.

With the number of hydrants in the city, we count on the public to assist in ensuring hydrants are accessible and can be found quickly in the event of fire. Please do your part and clear weeds, brush and debris away from the fire hydrant. In the winter, clear the snow for a 3-foot radius around the hydrants. Report problems when you see them.

Parking and clearance for fire hydrants

When parking your car, do not park within five metres of a fire hydrant.

When planting hedges or trees, or building fences, please note the fire hydrant requires two metre clearance on each side of the hydrant and one metre clearance from the side facing away from the street.

Using a fire hydrant

For those looking to utilize a fire hydrant for residential, commercial or industrial needs, please contact us through Fort Report.

Reporting Fire Hydrant Issues

Report hydrants issues through Fort Report, some examples of problems may be:

  • Water is flowing from a hydrant with no City workers present (on either public or private property)
  • A hydrant has been hit, is missing or a repair is needed
  • A hydrant is frozen
  • Obstruction of hydrants
  • theft of water from a City-owned fire hydrant