Fire Inspections

The City of Fort Saskatchewan Fire Department (FSFD) has accredited Safety Codes Officers on shift 24 hours a day. Our Safety Codes Officers conduct all fire inspections and investigations within the City and enforce the Alberta Fire Code (AFC) in occupancies to ensure compliance. Our focus is to reduce risk to both life and property. 

Our Safety Codes Officers work under the authority of the provincial Safety Codes Act and the City's Quality Management Plan (QMP).

FSFD Fire Code Inspection Checklist

Safety Code Activities

The City conducts several different activities under the QMP and Safety Codes Act as outlined below.

Company Fire Inspections

This is a risk-based inspection program where each platoon is assigned a predetermined list of properties to inspect based on the risks and hazards that are present to life and property.

These inspections are conducted by on-shift Fire Safety Codes Officers in coordination with the building's occupants and owners. This program is meant as an educational measure to ensure the building meets the Alberta Fire Code and that information on fire safety is supplied so residents and visitors are safe from the risk of fires.

FSFD Building Owners AFC Guide

The risk assessment model utilized looks at three factors considering:

  • What is the likelihood of harm;
  • What is the potential harm; and,
  • What is the potential consequence of an event to people and/or property.

This program also includes all City owned and operated properties.

Fire Investigations

A fire investigation is conducted by a Fire Investigator under the Safety Codes Act and QMP when there is a fire within the city that results in:

  • property damage;
  • injury;
  • a fatality; or
  • that was deliberately set.

Fire investigations are conducted in coordination with insurance companies, law enforcement, and other agencies where required with the intent of ensuring we identify areas to address, causes of fires, and improve safety within the city.

Fire investigations are conducted by either an on-shift Fire Investigator or a contracted Safety Codes Officer for more complex investigations.

Fire Codes Complaint, Concerns, and Requests

Anyone can request a fire inspection from a Fire Safety Codes Officer at any time based on the following criteria:

  1. An imminent safety risk is noticed that presents an imminent risk of fire or to life safety. These need to result in a phone call immediately to the on-shift platoon at 780-916-8822 or 911.
  2. Safety codes questions/concerns related to fire and life safety in a building/occupancy.
  3. Request for an Occupancy Load Certificate.
  4. Knox box installation.

FSFD Building Owners AFC Guide

FSFD Knox Box Information Sheet

Request a Fire Inspection or Investigation

Request a Fire Inspection

Questions? Call 780-998-4858

Construction Fire Safety Plans

A Fire Safety Plan is required when applying for construction and demolition permits and are submitted to the City through our Planning and Development department. Fire Safety Codes officers review these and ensure they are compliant with the AFC.

The Fire Safety Codes Officer will review the construction and demolition plans for fire safety and possible risk to occupied residential buildings.

A Fire Safety Plan is required to include:

  • the responsibility of workers;
  • emergency procedures;
  • control of hazards;
  • maintenance of firefighting measures; and
  • the acceptance of the Fire Safety Codes Officer having jurisdiction.

The approved Fire Safety Plan must be posted in a visible location on the work site.

New Construction Adjacent Property Protection Guidelines

To meet the requirements of the AFC, protection of adjacent properties during construction must be considered.

FSFD Residential CFSP Information Sheet

Mobile Cooking Operations Inspection

Mobile food trucks have open flames, hot equipment, electrical connections, cooking oils, propane, flammable liquids, cleaning chemicals, engine oil, and combustible products. These elements can cause a fire to quickly spread out of control.

A fire can devastate your mobile food business leading to lost revenue, potential permanent closure, or worse, personal injury or death. A fire inspection conducted annually on your mobile cooking operations unit can reduce potential risks.

We require all mobile cooking operations operating in the City of Fort Saskatchewan to have the items listed in the FSFD Mobile Cooking Operation Requirements List to be inspected/maintained or installed in the vendor's unit/vehicle.

Through collaboration with partners in the Edmonton Region, we also accept valid and current inspections conducted with proof of certification/inspection in the same calendar year.

FSFD Mobile Cooking Operation Requirements List

NFPA Food Truck Safety Fact Sheet

Community Event Inspections and Permitting

When applying for a Special Event Permit, aspects of fire and life safety requires a Fire Safety Codes Officer to review and ensure compliance with the Alberta Fire Code.

When the application is received by our Special Events Coordinator, Fire Code and Community Safety Items are commented on and may result in an inspection or review of other permits, such as liquor licenses. Applicants should note that aspects of the Fire Code require some adjustment and planning to ensure fire and life safety are addressed and are compliant with the Alberta Fire Code.

When the Special Event Permit is received, the on-shift Fire Safety Codes Officer will review and contact the applicant with any questions, comments or verification that the Fire Code requirements are met.

Fire Code & Safety Requirements for Special Events

Request a Fire Inspection or Investigation

To request an inspection, you can fill out our online Fire Inspection Request Form or call 780-998-4858.