Fire Inspections

Fire Services does regular fire inspections of public and commercial buildings to keep our community safe. Inspections are proactive and reduce the chance of injuries and emergencies from occurring. Inspections are conducted under the Authority of the Safety Codes Act and Fort Saskatchewan's Quality Management Plan [insert link to Quality Management Plan in Document Manager] and are compliant with the Alberta Fire Code regulations.

Inspections protect the health and safety of you, your business, your clients and first responders (police, fire and EMS) who may need to work in and around your building.

Types of fire inspections

Fire Crew Inspection

This quick general occupancy life and fire safety inspection is done by the on-shift firefighters. The goal of the department is to visit every public/commercial building once a year.

Compliance Inspection

This is a more detailed inspection done by the fire inspector. For an example, the Fire Inspector will look closely at your fire protection systems, material storage areas, general work practices and business fire safety records.

Schedule a Fire Inspection

If your business requires an inspection, please contact us through Fort Report or by phone at 780-998-4858 to schedule one today.