Fire Insurance

Fire Stations


  • 3 – Pumping Apparatus with rated pumps
  • 1 – 100' Aerial Appliance with a rated pump
  • 1 – Rescue apparatus
  • 1 – V-haul Boat
  • 1 – Wildland Fire Apparatus

Pump capacity

  • Department has the ability to pump 20,094 liters of water per-minute (4,420 Igpm)
  • Fort Saskatchewan Basic Fire Flow has been set at 18,639 liters of water per minute (4,100 Igpm) (2013 Fire Underwriters Survey Report)


  • The department has one pumping apparatus staffed Monday to Friday 7:30am to 5:30pm with the exclusion of holidays or day in lieu of a holiday falling on the weekend.
  • Additional Paid-On-Call staff will attend the fire station if and when requested.

Superior Tanker Shuttle

  • Not accredited


  • The urbanized residential, commercial and light/moderate industrial areas within the City are protected by fire hydrants.
  • Heavy industrial sites are typically protected by their own fire water systems.

Fire Underwriters Audit Report