Fort Centre Park

Over the past ten years there has been interest in developing a new regional park in the North Saskatchewan River Valley, located on the lower terraces between the Highway 15 bridge and the Fort Heritage Precinct. This 40 hectare area is known as Fort Centre Park.

Phase 1: Landscaping

Stormwater ponds in Fort Centre Park were completed in 2023. Now that the ponds are compete, work on the first phase of landscaping can occur. Phase 1 includes several enhancements intended to encourage passive and active recreation. Work includes:

  • New Gravel Trail Network: 1.8 km of gravel trail will be added to the area to provided pedestrian access throughout the site. The new trails will connect with the existing trail system in the area.
  • Staircases: Two earth embedded staircases will be added to the area, leading from the upper terrace’s developed lands down the steep bank to the lower plateau.
  • Naturalized Area Around Ponds: Area surrounding the ponds will be naturalized with a combination of perennial grasses, shrubs and trees. This will enhance the wildlife habitat and recreate a grassland ecosystem that is consistent with a river valley plateau.
  • Pollinator Garden: Naturalized planting areas will be introduced, containing a variety of plants that attract and support pollinator species.
  • Increased Trees / Shrubs: A variety of vegetation will be planted within the area to increase biodiversity of the site, improve aesthetics and reclaim some areas to the original condition.
  • Day Use Sites: Informal picnic sites will be added in various areas of the park that include picnic tables, fire pits, benches and waste receptacles.
  • Play and Classroom Elements: Concrete play elements will be incorporated throughout the park, as well as a naturally shaded sitting area to host small educational activities.
  • Signage and Wayfinding: Signage and wayfinding will be incorporated into the park following the current format and existing messaging found in the River Valley.

Fort Centre Park Site Plan


Construction will start in May 2024 and will be completed in 2024.