Good Neighbour

Neighbourhoods are more than houses, streets and boulevards — it’s the people who live in those neighbourhoods that make them dynamic and unique.

When neighbours get to know one another, their friendships can significantly increase the health, safety and well-being of their neighbourhood. This is why FCSS and the City of Fort Saskatchewan are proud recognize the Good Neighbours  in our city who connect, energize and celebrate our community — They are the pulse that makes Fort Saskatchewan a great place to live.

Anyone can be a Good Neighbour!

It can be the neighbour who offers to shovel driveways, who organizes neighbourhood events, or simply someone who’s always there to offer a helping hand. The Good Neighbour recognizes these outstanding neighbours who contribute to a safe, welcoming and inclusive community!

If you have  neighbours who make your neighbourhood the place to be, let them know their contributions matter and nominate them as a Good Neighbour!

We encourage you to recognize a person in your neighbourhood who contributes to building strong, vibrant communities in any of the following ways:

1. Someone who contributes to a positive community spirit
2. Someone who supports or welcomes neighbours through acts of kindness
3. Someone who has helped to enhance the quality of life in the neighbourhood through words or deeds.
4. Someone who has contributed to the overall safety of the neighbourhood.

Submit a Nomination

Nominations are due the third Tuesday of every month. Good Neighbours will be announced the following week.

Good Neighbours and their stories.

December 2019 Recipients
  • Lana Santana | City Centre
  • Tara Mandryk | Pineview

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November 2019 Recipients

  • Don and Trina Lawrence | Pineview
  • John and Dawn Johnson | Westpark

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October 2019 Recipients

  • Kath Stevenson | Pineview
  • Bill Kinch | Pineview
  • Krystal Courtepatte | Pineview

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September 2019 Recipients
  • Ken & Yvonne | Westpark 
  • Alexis  | Westpark
  • Ron & Lynne | City Centre
  • Keith | Southfort 
  • Stephen | City Centre
  • Aaron | Westpark 
  • Jarrod | Westpark 

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