JRC Modernization

The Jubilee Recreation Centre is undergoing a major modernization. The project will include:

  • 12,900 additional square feet, increasing the off-ice area by 100%;
  • modernizing the internal and external appearance and function of the facility;
  • a ramp and elevator to meet Code accessibility requirements;
  • an expanded and reconfigured lobby with viewing into the ice area; and
  • relocated ice resurfacer room to improve safety by eliminating the need to cross pedestrian pathways.

The renovation will include removal of the existing change rooms, entrance, lobby and public spaces. These features will be reconstructed within new, expanded spaces. There will be larger and additional change rooms (increasing from six to seven, plus two co-ed change rooms), and additional public washrooms which meet Code for the facility capacity and accessibility.

The concession will be reconfigured to allow for year-round use as it will be able to service the adjacent baseball diamond in the summer months. A new multipurpose room has been included for tournaments or leasable space.

Temporary change rooms and washroom facilities are in place as the arena continues to operate through the winter during construction.

JRC Modernization Concept Plan


Construction began in June 2023 and is planned to be completed in 2025.