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A commitment to doing better and creating a rich environment of diversity, welcomeness and meaningful opportunities starts with individuals. Thinking forward. Being open to learning. That’s when opportunities are beginning to build off each other. If we stay curious and work towards intention with what we do, we invite new voices, viewpoints and talents while valuing every individual—creating a richer community for all.

Upping our understanding.

By developing awareness, we can create a city that champions diversity, equity and inclusion. Working to understand how to learn from every member of our community and engage each other across our differences is an integral factor in our efforts to do better and be better, together.

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Community Education

Safer Spaces

Join The altView Foundation for this opportunity to understand more about the 2SLGBTQ+ community in our city. Want to support your kids and their friends more, but you're not certain how? Do you have concerns you're unsure how to express or navigate? Are you still learning and want to know more? Regardless of your existing knowledge, this session is the right place for you to learn more, ask questions, and find support in your community. This free session will be offered virtually and a link will be sent after registration.

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