Local Road Rehabilitation

The ongoing annual Local Road Rehabilitation program maintains the City's roadways to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and services. Roadways are identified and prioritized for rehabilitation through the Pavement Management Program.

View the 2022 Local Road Rehab Program Map

If work is scheduled to occur in your neighbourhood, the work will take about two weeks two complete, depending on weather. The contractor will first repair any concrete curbs that were identified by the City. Next asphalt will me milled off the road. Finally, new asphalt will be overlaid. There can be about a week delay between when the asphalt is milled to when it is overlaid.

Parking will be restricted during construction. The contractor will provide notices to affected residents and no park sings will be placed at least 24 hours before work starts. Expect heavy equipment in the area while work occurs. In order to compact the asphalt properly, vibratory compaction is required.