Water Meter Upgrade Program

There are nearly 10,000 water meters  installed at  residential, industrial, commercial, and institutional properties across the City and over the next two years about 3,800 will be replaced as part of the Water Meter Upgrade Program.

The new automated system will provide the City and its residents with convenient, secure, on-demand access to water consumption data. The upgraded meters will use electronic flow measuring technology, be able to assist with leak detection and store data. Water consumption data will auto-transmit directly to the City.

Once the system is operational, the City will continue to maintain and replace meters every 15 to 20 years over the system's lifecycle.

You may receive a letter, a call or find a note on your front door informing you your water meter needs to be replaced.

Important : All replacements are done by appointment and the work is completed by City Staff.

Schedule Appointment

Appointments are available Monday to Friday between 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. We recommend booking well in advance to accommodate your schedule and any arrangements made with tenants.

Important: Only a person authorized to provide access to the property can book appointments. An adult (18+) must be present at the property during the installation.

Property Owner Responsibilities
Provide clear, unobstructed access to the water meter.
Find the meter (refer to FAQ). Remove any boxes, stored items, or appliances in the way before your appointment. If the water pipe, meter, and shut-off are covered (drywall, paneling, etc.), it’s the property owner’s responsibility to create an access. A second appointment may be required.

Ensure your indoor water shut-off valve is in good working order.
The shut-off is located just before the meter. This valve is needed to turn off your water for plumbing repair, vacation, etc. It should turn easily, like a tap. If it’s leaking, letting water pass, or not turning, you will need to have it repaired or replaced. A second appointment may be required.

NOTE: To start repairs, you will need to arrange for the City to shut off water from outside.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are water meters being upgraded?

The new system will:

  • Automate meter reading
  • Collect data more frequently and efficiently
  • Improve on-demand access to data
  • Enable customers to easily monitor water use on their smartphones
What are the benefits of the new system to me?
You will be able to conveniently monitor your water use on your smartphone, online, and set up alerts if there’s anything out of the ordinary. Knowing how much water you use can help you reduce your bill and catch any leaks before they become an issue. 
Does the meter at my property need to be replaced and, if so, when? 
Over time, all water meters must be replaced. We will contact you if your meter needs an upgrade, and when the meter needs replacing. 
Where is the water meter located? 
The water meter is located inside, on a pipe coming out of the floor, usually in a basement utility room or laundry room, but sometimes in a cabinet or under the stairs. 
Can I opt out of the new system or meter replacement program?
No. The water meter is a community owned asset. It is the property owners’ responsibility to maintain access and allow the City to replace, maintain as needed. 
Should I be aware of any Landlord/Tenant concerns? 
It is the property owner’s responsibility to give the City access to the water meter. Property owners can give written authorization for their tenant(s) to schedule the meter replacement appointment. However, this does not waive the property owner’s responsibility to the City. Please book appointments in advance, so we can accommodate owner/tenant arrangements.
What can I expect during the appointment? 
A City employee will come to your property at the appointed time. If the meter’s accessible and the shut-off is working, replacement takes about an hour. The water is temporarily shut off for about 15 minutes to an hour during the install. You’ll be informed before work starts of any issues, and if you need to rebook. 
How do I know if someone is authorized to do the work? 
Installers have photo identification with the City’s logo and travel in clearly marked City vehicles. Only City employees are authorized to replace, install, or work on water meters. 
Does the installer need to come inside my house or business? 
Yes, the inlet pipe and meter are located inside. 
Do I have to be home or at my business during the appointment? 
A person 18 years or older (a neighbour, friend, relative, tenant, etc.) must provide access and be at the property during the install. City employees are not permitted to enter any property without a responsible adult present, even if the property is empty or for sale. 
Is there a fee for the new meter? 
No, there's no additional or special fee. Meter replacement and maintenance is included in your water rates. 
Will I be able to read my own meter? 
Yes, the new meters have a digital display. You may need to lift the cover to read it. 
How will the City read the new meter? 
The new system will automatically transmit secure data using a central tower to the City. Residents will be able to access their data using an app.
How do I know my reading will not get mixed up with someone else’s? 
Each device has an identification number that’s unique to your account. It’s transmitted along a secure frequency with the meter reading. You can also verify the most recent reading on your bill with the reading on your meter. 
Will there be changes to the billing process? 
No, you’ll be billed on the same schedule as before the upgrade. Once the system is fully automated, the City may review the billing process. 
What if I have a leak or concern after the meter is installed? 

Please contact the City if you have any basic concerns with the meter, transmitter or connections. We’ll have someone return to fix the problem.

If your concern is more complex and relates to your property’s internal plumbing, you may need more consultation, and need to complete a formal claims process. The City cannot guarantee the outcomes of damage claims. 

Can the meter or transmitter be relocated (e.g., if I’m unhappy with the location or if I renovate)? 
Yes, but not easily. Moving the meter can mean major changes to your plumbing, and moving the transmitter requires installing a new wire from the meter to the new location. Please contact the City if you’re planning to renovate. 
Do I need to do any maintenance to the meter or transmitter? 
No, the City maintains the meter and transmitter. The property owner maintains the shut off valve, and ensures the meter is accessible at all times. 
What powers the meter and transmitter? 
The meter and transmitter are battery powered (20 years life span). The system will warn the City if the battery is low, and when it's time to replace the meter or transmitter. 
Will the radio transmitter cause interference? (e.g., television, cordless phone, garage doors, or pacemaker, etc.) 
No, the radio transmissions occur on an exclusive, licensed frequency, different from household electronics. The transmissions also last for less than one second. 
Will the RF transmitter impact my health, or are there any other hazards that could result from having the radio transmitter near my home or business? 
No, this type of equipment is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). Each transmission lasts less than one second. 
Will the new system reduce utility rates or help lower my water bill? 
The City does not anticipate any immediate cost reductions. However, being more efficient at collecting data, and making data accessible to residents can result in long-term savings and lower future cost increases. 
Will the staff currently reading meters lose their job? 
Using fewer resources to read meters will not result in job losses. Staff who were assigned to meter reading will continue working for the City on other higher priority, higher value work. 

Questions or comments? Need more information?

For more information regarding the Water Meter Replacement Program please contact the Utility Department at 780-997-6694 or email them directly.