Municipal Enforcement Services

Fort Saskatchewan Municipal Enforcement Services (MES) employs 7 Community Peace Officers that work out of the Protective Services Building. Officers are appointed by the City to enforce Bylaws and by the Province of Alberta to enforce Provincial statutes. Community Peace Officer's work in partnership with the RCMP to enhance community safety and quality of life.

Municipal Enforcement Services provides the following services within the City Limits:

Animal Control

MES is authorized by the City to enforce animal control.

Bylaw Enforcement

MES promotes community safety and quality of life through engagement, education and enforcement of the City's Bylaws. Community Peace Officers respond to calls for service regarding these common concerns:

  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Animal control
  • Noise concerns
  • Parking and traffic concerns
  • Snow removal
  • Unsightly premises
  • Weeds

Community Engagement

Our officers deliver educational programs and attend a number of functions throughout the year.

Bike Rodeo

The objective of this program is to:

  • test riding skills and traffic safety knowledge of young cyclists
  • reduce the number of accidents involving cyclists
  • promote bicycle safety awareness at all ages
  • increase communication between the police and young people

Some youth organizations, such as Cubs, Scouts, Brownies and Guides, may earn a proficiency badge.

P.A.R.T.Y. Program

The P.A.R.T.Y. (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program is a one-day injury awareness and prevention program for youth age 15 and older.

Positive Ticket Program

A community program where you observe kids doing good things and reward them with a voucher or coupon to some fun, free activity. Positive Tickets are issued to youth by caring adults for good behaviour, such as wearing bicycle helmets, crossing the street safely or picking up garbage.

The purpose of Positive Tickets is to build relationships of trust with youth in your community and encourage good behaviour.

Fine Payment

Bylaw Fine amounts are listed at the back of each bylaw.

Bylaw Warning Tag

Warnings do not require payment. Simply correct the issue specified on the Warning Tag (i.e. clear sidewalks, move vehicle, etc.). The dollar amount listed at the bottom of the Warning Tag indicates the penalty for the violation, should the issue not be corrected.

Bylaw Provincial Tag

If you receive a Bylaw Violation Tag, you must attend the Protective Services Building and make your payment at the front counter. You may also mail the payment to Protective Services.

Please note that payments must be made within seven days of the receipt of the tag.

Provincial Violation Ticket

If you are issued a Provincial Summons (pink copy), you can pay your fine the following two ways:

  • In person at any Provincial Court House
  • Mailing your payment to:
    Provincial Ticket Production Centre
    601 5th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5P7

If you are issued a Provincial Offense Notice (yellow copy), you can pay your fine the following four ways:

  • In person at any Provincial Court House
  • In person at any Alberta Registry Office
  • Online at MyAlberta eServices
  • By mailing in your payment to:
    Provincial Ticket Production Centre
    601 5th Street SW, Calgary, AB T2P 5P7

Traffic Safety

We are committed to increasing traffic safety.

Photo Laser Sites may be active at any of the following locations:

  • All School Zones (During School Days)
  • All Playground Zones
  • Highway 21 (All directions)
  • Highway 15 (All directions)
  • 99 Avenue (East and Westbound)
  • River Road (East and Westbound)
  • Southfort Drive (North and Southbound)
  • 86 Avenue (North and Southbound)

Intersection Safety Device Systems are active at the following intersections:

  • Highway 21 and Southfort Boulevard
  • Highway 21 and 84 Street
  • Highway 21 and Highway 15 (North and Southbound)
  • Highway 15 and 101 Street
  • Highway 15 and 114 Street
  • 99 Avenue at 95 Street

Hours and contact information

Front Counter hours of operation

Monday-Sunday: 8:00am – 7:00pm

Officers are on duty

Monday-Sunday: 7:00am – 8:00pm


Ph: 780-997-7930

After hour calls: Please leave a detailed voicemail and a Community Peace Officer will contact you on or before the next business day.