Recycling Changes

Because of recent changes in the  global recycling market some items no longer go in the blue recycle bags. 

Why do we have to make these changes?

Changes to the global recycling market means that some items no longer have a demand to be reused again. So, we have to ensure our blue bag items are of the highest quality, get recycled, and make it to market.

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What happens when the wrong items go in the blue bag?

Contaminants (items meant for garbage and organics) make it  nearly impossible for items to  get recycled, because it costs our processor extra time, money and resources to sort out non-recyclable material from our blue bags.

Continued contamination of blue bags can result in increased costs of Fort Saskatchewan’s recycling program. Proper sorting ensures that marketable materials get recycled.

Recycle Sorting List


Not Accepted

  • Boxboard (e.g. cereal and crackers)
  • Books (with hard and softcovers removed)
  • Bottle deposit containers 
  • Corrugated cardboard
  • Flattened milk jugs
  • Food cans & tins
  • Hard plastic tubs, bottles & containers (e.g. shampoo, ketchup, sour cream, etc.)
  • Magazines & phone books
  • Newspapers & flyers
  • Office paper, envelopes, craft paper
  • Paper egg cartons
  • Paper greeting cards and gift wrap (no tissue paper, foil, glitter or decorations)
  • All lids & caps
  • Plastic bags, wrappers & wrap
  • Styrofoam blocks, cups, packing peanuts & trays
  • Non-packaging plastic (e.g. laundry baskets, lawn chairs & toys)
  • Glass bottles, jars and containers (Accepted at the Transfer Station)
  • Single use cups (e.g. yogurt, pudding & sauces) and to-go cups (from coffee, fountain drinks & smoothies)
  • Shredded papers, napkins, tissues, paper towels & tissue paper (Accepted in your Green Organics cart)
  • Plastic clamshell packaging
  • Chip cans & spiral wound containers
  • Non-deposit Tetra Pak containers
  • Plastic dishware, ceramics & glassware
  • Coffee pods & drink pouches
  • Single use plastic straws & utensils
  • Scrap metal and construction & demolition materials
  • Electronics and hazardous waste
    (check out our Special Collection Events, also accepted at Transfer Station)
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