Southfort Meadows Park Amenity

A new amenity is coming to Southfort Meadows. The project will include:

  • A lit and boarded rink
  • 1,200 square foot support building
  • Parking lot
  • Skating area; and
  • Accessible Plaza

The outdoor boarded rink will be hard surfaced to allow for year-round use including ice sports, basketball and box lacrosse. The rink will be lit and be usable space in the winter and summer seasons.

The support building is approximately 1,200 square feet and will provide a space for users to change their skates and warm-up. Public washrooms accessible from the exterior which can remain open all-year round.

Project enhancements include a Low Impact Design (LID) feature within the skating area and an accessible plaza. These items improve the usability, accessibility, and enjoyment of the amenity. The LID feature will add drainage materials to the area to help protect the grass. A snowbank skating area is also planned for the area to provide skating options for users not interested in or not needing the boarded rink.

Southfort Meadows Park Amenity Concept Plan


Construction is underway and will be complete in Summer 2023.