Storm Pond Safety

The City of Fort Saskatchewan uses storm water facilities (also known as storm water ponds or storm ponds) to prevent flooding in residential and commercial areas by managing runoff and in time sending it to the river.  Storm ponds often contain natural plants  to make  them look pleasing in our neighbourhoods while they act as flood managers.

Although storm ponds may look like a nice spot for a swim or skate, they are not designed for recreational use, no matter what the season.  The City of Fort Saskatchewan does not permit the recreational use of its storm ponds and signs are posted with this restriction.

Stay Off the Storm Ponds

  • Wet storm ponds are not designed for recreation, they're designed to filter and control the flow of storm water back to the river
  • Ice thickness on storm ponds is unpredictable and unstable because water is flowing under the ice
  • Water levels change quickly, forming air pockets under the ice. This can cause the ice to break and fall through the air pockets
  • Researchers from the University of Alberta explained their findings, “Water moving through the storm water pond can be warmer and turbulent and melt ice faster. Even if the water has frozen all the way to the bottom, channels of water can still cut through. ”

Find a Safe Alternative

Skating is a beloved Canadian past time, and we've made it easier to find the perfect spot:

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